We offer various types of candy, such as candy with characters/logos in various fruit flavours, consisting of one flavour or a combination of two flavours. These fruit flavours can be found inside the sweet.
You will also find our pillowcandy/’berlingots’ in common flavours such as mint, aniseed, liquorice, violet and butterscotch; but also more distinct flavours like ginger, coconut-coriander, lavender, pineapple-coconut.
Coffee and cinnamon pillows remain loved.
Colourful lollypops and candy canes complement our extensive range. The lollypops can be found in standard shape, round shape, heart shape, Christmas tree shape and candy cane.
Depending on our possibilities we also offer marshmallows, butter caramels and massive sugar creations such as Buddha’s, skulls and gnomes in different colours and flavours.

Our products are artisan made, please take into account a delivery time of about 1,5 - 2 week(s).
We pack our products with the greatest care.