What is the average amount of candy we should count per person?
We recommend as christening sugar or wedding favors an average of 50 gr per person. In 1 kilogo, so an average of 20 servings. Often the godmother, godfather, witness,… is given a larger amount (200gr on average) and larger pots (500gr) are also placed at work to treat colleagues. A scoop or subdivision into small bags ensures that not everyone has to touch the candy. We can also help with this or give advice.
Do you want to use the candy as a give-away with a (webshop) order or to promote your brand in an original way? Then 10 to 20 gr is a nice amount. This corresponds to 7 to 15 candies. Fill the bags yourself or ask about our packing options.

How long can the candy be kept?
Our candy and lollipops can easily be kept 6 months to 1 year and longer. The most important thing is that they are packed airtight, not stored in direct (sun) light and at room temperature. Heat, moisture and poorly sealing packaging cause them to stick after a while. This is not to say that they spoil, but soft or sticky candy is of course not pleasant.

We would like to match the candy with the green of our birth announcement, but would like raspberry flavour, is this possible?
With custom-made candy, you can of course choose the color and taste yourself.
Both are separate from each other, so a green candy can perfectly have the taste of raspberries.
Colors are mixed by hand, so we cannot guarantee that the result will be 100% identical to the colors given, but we always do our utmost to reproduce this as well as possible.

Can we also order 1 kg custom candy?
Unfortunately, depending on the design, we need a certain amount of sugar to make names and figures in a candy. We start with a transparent sugar mass to which we add flavor and colors and from these colors we make the letters and/or figures by hand. The more letters or the more complex the figure, the more mass we need. Think of the whole as a puzzle of individually made pieces, which is then pulled out into small candies.

We are still not sure whether we will pack the candy ourselves or let you pack it. What are the options here?
You can choose to have the whole package packed by us, or partly in bulk (1kg bags) and partly packed. Suppose you take 6 kg and want to have 4 kg of this filled in jars of 50 gr and fill the other 2 kg yourself in a large pot, this is perfectly possible.
The following packages can be chosen for packaging the candy (these prices include candy!) :
* Bag 20g  –  €1.30/piece
*bag 40gr –  €1,80/piece
* Bag of 50gr –  €2,10/piece
* Jar 50gr  –  €2,25/piece
We also have the larger packs of 120gr, 200gr and 500gr.

The decreases are unfortunately too large for us. Are there alternatives?
Absolutely! We have a standard assortment with around 60 types of candy. For different occasions we have texts such as “It’s a girl”, “It’s a boy”, “Just Married”, “Thank you”, “Merci”, “Congratulations”, … But also a lot of candy with figures in it. Would you still like to give your packaging a personal extra? Then we can also help with a sticker!
Would you like a mix of different varieties? That is also possible! Up to 5 varieties can be mixed from 1 kg.

Nice! But maybe lollipops are also a nice alternative
Certainly! View the options below. Would you like an extra unique lollipop? Contact us, hopefully we can help with your idea!